Search & AI-Driven Analytics Platform

ThoughtSpot (New)

Why ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot makes it easy for anyone to get answers from their company data in seconds. Simply search to analyze your data and get automated insights with a single click.


Search-Driven Analytics for Humans

SpotIQ AI-Driven Analytics

The World’s First Relational Search Engine.

Search to analyze your data in seconds.

Get automated insights in a single click

With SpotIQ, you have the power of a thousand analysts in the palm of your hand.

Data Insights You Can Trust.

ThoughtSpot’s Relational Search engine is designed for numbers.
For every question, it calculates one answer across all of your data.

Maximum sources. Minimum modeling.

Connect all your data sources and give everyone the access they need.

Get Up and Analyzing Fast

Connect and combine billions of rows of data from any source.
Combine sources, rename columns, and define consistent company-wide metrics.

Scale enterprise-wide to everyone

ThoughtSpot scales to billions of records and thousands of users,
and returns results in milliseconds.